Domains & Technology

- 5 Person team ramp-up within 2 weeks with rapid domain experience buildup
- Process definition and working closely to help fine tune the templates, procedures
- Ongoing 5 member team working on NER/Event and other data annotations to create Machine Learning training data

- Creation/Verification of Knowledge Base/Data Sets
- Interaction Design of Customer Service/FAQ chatbots
- Testing and Process improvement
- 2 member team currently handling the process

- Rapid domain learning in OpenCV based ML systems
- Flexible team ramp-up/down
- 2 member team currently working on the process

- Influencer Profile sourcing from social media/blog sources
- Profile database updates/verification and maintenance
- Campaign setup (FB, Instagram and custom dashboard)
- Contracts (creation/review/submissions) - Upcoming

- 24/7 creative review process with 30 min SLAs for creative review/approval process flow
- Process definition and improvement
- Roster management

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