Digit88 is a full stack development services company with an experienced team that has proven expertise in offshore software product engineering delivery and operations for both small and large companies worldwide. We follow agile development backed by a carefully chosen talent pool and exceptional communication to deliver superlative performance in all our client engagements. We work in a cohesive and well integrated manner with your existing onshore team to setup your delivery team in order to allow you 100% control over your engineering and business deliverables.

Domains & Technology

Our Services

Software Product Engineering

With our vast experience building high performance enterprise, mobile and embedded products across multiple domains, we have the skills and the process knowledge to bring high quality development and offshore delivery to your complex technology needs. Out product engineering practice covers domain and technology areas ranging from Web and Enterprise Platforms across verticals (e-commerce, automotive, content management, publishing/media) to embedded convergent solutions encompassing Mobile, Smart Home, Automotive and Web.

AI/ML Training Data Annotation

Augment your supervised machine learning program and enhance user experiences with high-quality, human-annotated data.
Digit88 partners with AI/ML (NLP, Image) Product startups and helps them speed up and extend their ML/NLP Data annotation capability through highly trained resources by providing clients with accurate, precise and consistent training data for the NLP model. Our capabilities include:

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  • Text Annotation – Experience in a wide variety of text Annotation such as NER, Risk Annotation, Event Annotation, Relation Extraction Annotation, Document Classification Labeling, Thematic Role Annotation.
  • Image Annotation – Photo/Facial Expressions Classification for ML to make each image recognizable for machines or computer vision.
  • Audio Transcription – Expertise in transcribing audio-clips into text which you can use to quickly expand your voice recognition products.

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Application Development & Maintenance

The team at Digit88 specializes in professional services and custom application development to help you realize maximum value by addressing your evolving business and technology challenges in a cost effective manner. Having successfully built more than 20 iOS and Android casual games and 500+ mobile websites and landing pages for leading global consumer brands, media/entertainment companies, retail and sports leagues in our previous roles we have the skills and the experience to create a superlative mobile presence and back it up with a robust and scalable architecture. Some of our areas of expertise include:

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  • Enterprise and Consumer Mobile Native Apps
  • Cross Platform Native Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Web and Mobile Web using HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, Python, LAMP Stack among others
  • Automotive – Car IVI, Telematics (Java, HTML5 Applications)
  • Cloud Application Enablement on AWS, Google App Engine, Azure
  • Manual and Automated Product Testing including cloud based mobile testing tools

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Ad/Influencer Marketing Operations

Digit88 is a long-term offshore partner for some of the most promising US startups in the areas of Ad operations and Influencer Marketing.
Our areas in Ad Operations includes:

  • Campaign Management.
  • Creative Review.
  • Analyzing platform and 3rd party reports.
  • Optimizing campaign based on report analysis.

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Our expertise in Influencer marketing includes:

  • Criteria based influencer sourcing.
  • Review the contents of the post.
  • Reaching out shortlisted influencers with a proposal.
  • Clarifying influencer’s queries using canned responses.
  • Measuring performance of a post through user actions.

Whether you want to extend your team or need project critical ad-hoc help with your business operations, look no further!
Get in touch and we can work to tailor solutions to suit your unique requirements.

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Offshore Development Center

We know what makes a product startup tick! Having successfully built world class enterprise and mobile products and having setup and managed offshore development centers out of India and China for a number of US based startups, we have deep insights into what it takes to setup an efficient offshore software development, testing and support operation. At Digit88 we help setup dedicated engineering and support teams to deliver full stack services for all your technology and operations needs. This includes but is not limited to:

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  • PHP/Java/Node.js/.Net based Software Development
  • Web Applications and Platforms
  • iOS, Android and React Native Mobile Applications Development and Testing
  • Angular.JS, React, Vue.JS and other Javascript frameworks
  • Manual and Automated Product Testing including cloud based mobile testing tools
  • Business Support Functions

We ensure that we only hire the best professionals and create high quality built to last solutions. The best part is that the whole process is kept absolutely transparent with you having critical decision and veto powers in the whole process. We make sure that all your technology and resource goals are met to your utmost satisfaction!

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Product Testing & Validation

With the ever increasing pace of change and the advent of Cloud, Mobility, Multi-tier/Multi-screen applications, Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and increasing consumer sensitivity, it is imperative that your testing strategy helps you realize high quality with high ROI. We offer QA and Testing (both manual and automated) services across all our focus technology areas. Our offerings include functional, regression, api testing across:

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  • Mobile Applications and Games Testing – Manual
  • Cloud-based Device Testing for Mobile Apps (Device Anywhere, Perfecto Mobile..)
  • Web Application Testing
  • Backend and API Testing
  • Automation Testing – HP QTP, Selenium

Our QA engineers are chosen from amongst the best product engineers and have honed their skills in high impact international product companies. At Digit88, our proactive approach ensures that we contribute strongly towards realization of your quality goals.

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